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Art Meld Information

There are two divisions to choose from at Art Meld to enter your artwork.
Entering artwork to the Amateur or Professional division is $20.
Both divisions only allow one entry per artist to a division in a given month.
You can ONLY do one or the other per month AMATEUR or PROFESSIONAL, but not both in the same month. Your artwork is reduced in size to 500px vertical height in size, this will save PAGE download time and help prevent visitors, other artists from copying your work. Names/signatures on uploaded artwork are grayed out when placed on the Amateur/Professional pages for juding purposes to help prevent bias in the juding process.
Awards to the judged winner with the highest scored points each month will be announced on the contest entry pages AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL divisions each month**.
What type of artwork is accepted?
The only artwork accepted is photos of hand painted or drawn type of artwork, no sculptures etc.
Keep picture files under 2mb. Picture formats accepted are jpg|jpeg|png|gif|tiff|bmp
How are the winners chosen?
One winner in both divisions will be determined by a set of three judges, they will base all artwork by the criteria of MOOD - INTEREST - DESIGN.
Scored points will be posted afterwards at the proper time posted on each division.
Who are the judges?
The judge names will be shown on the entry pages AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL with one judge being replaced every month
or other month when a new contest starts.
The one replacement judge may be the last contest winner or a past judge that was used before.
How many entries can a member submit in a given month?
One per artist in either category AMATEUR or PROFESSIONAL, but not both at the same time.
Can I be signed up to both category's?
Yes, after you signup to either the AMATEUR or PROFESSIONAL division you will be added to the other division soon after, please allow up to 48 hours.
How many artists can enter each month?
The Art Meld monthly contest is limited to 50 entry's per division each month in both the AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL divisions.
Is there a age limit?
18 is the age limit to enter. You must have a PayPal account to signup.
When does the contest start and end?
The contest start and stop times will be posted on the AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL division entry pages.
Do I have to signup to enter my artwork?
Yes, you do have to signup to enter and participate.
Do I have to signup to just watch the Art meld contests?
Yes, you do have to signup to watch the entrants as artwork is posted. Signing up is free.
Do I have to have a PayPal account to enter my artwork?
Yes, this is how any monetary awards (if any) or refunds are paid.
Who is responsible for paying taxes on the prize money or awards?
It is the individual winner's responsibility to declare and pay taxes on any Art Meld Artist Of The Month contest cash prizes/prizes.
How often can I win a Art Meld Artist Of The Month Contest?
You can only win once every 6 months and you may not enter again in either division(s). You can enter again after a 6 month period is over afterwards.
Can I re-enter a piece of artwork that won in the past on a Art Meld contest?
No, once a work of art wins a Art meld Artist Of The Month Contest you cannot re-enter it again on Art Meld.
There is a minimum entrant level of 10 entry's with each Division, Amateur & Professional each month.
If the minimum of 10 entrants is not met in either Division, Amateur & Professional the entry's received for that month will roll over into the following next months contest.
There is a maximum entry's level of 50 enrty's per each division Amateur & Professional every month.
What happens in the event of a tie?
A random judge will be selected to choose a final winner in the event of ties.
Questions or comments?
Message me via the message box!