Contest Rules

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The artist entry fee is posted on the Competition Entry Calendar URL page and is non refundable.
Register on the main Art Meld URL page by clicking on the register button on the menu; after you register, you will need to verify your email address by the link that will be sent to your email address.
Register with your PayPal email address (this helps eliminate any confusion with payouts); you must have a valid PayPal account to accept any monetary payouts as a 1st or 2nd place winner.
Please allow 15 minutes for the email to arrive after registering; contact us if you did not get the verification link after 30 minutes. Please also check your spam/junk folders prior to contacting Art Meld.
All entrants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that has a right to publicize, or broadcast the winner's name, character, likeness, voice or all matters incidental herein.
All cash winnings are non-transferable. Art Meld Contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW
Any adult 18 years of age or older can enter an image of their own artwork in a JPG or PNG format; not to exceed 2 MB; both amateurs and professionals may participate in the competition.
Only one entry can be submitted per contest.
The type of artwork accepted must be of an image only, either hand drawn out or painted. No photos of handmade pottery, statues, or PC drawn-out digital artwork, etc., will be accepted. The image uploaded needs to be set at a 72PPI and in one of the following formats, JPEG or PNG. The small file size of 72 PPI cuts down on the contest page(s) loading time. You can change it on this website DPI Converter. Please do not watermark or have the image picture with a frame in it. Your artwork needs to have YOUR SIGNATURE on it!(Signature will be smudged while being judged) The image upload on the Art Meld entry form must not exceed 2MB in file size. Upload a decent photo of good quality! In the event of any ties in contests a random judge will be selected to pick the final winner.
All of the artwork judged and scored by the judges on Art Meld is FINAL! When entering the Art Meld competition, you grant (Rick Packer) a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of your artwork to websites, newsletters, and social media accounts. You will always get credit for your artwork in promotions.
Please note: All artwork images entered into Art Meld contests will remain on the Art Meld ENTRY CONTEST PAGE for a period of two years (With the exception of unforeseen circumstances). This helps to validate each contest was held and completed, and this also helps the artist in getting their work seen and discovered; all artists need positive visibility.
Yes, Art Meld is a worldwide online art competition based from of the United States of America. ArtMeld Contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW
Yes, you can re-enter artwork that has not taken any 1st or 2nd place winning after a period of 6 months from that month's completed contest.
Artwork that takes a voted upon People's Choice for a FREE entry in a given month can be re-entered back into the contest only after a period of 6 months from that month in which it was honored as a Peoples Choice.

Do not re-enter any artwork that has ever taken a 1st, 2nd placement win back into the Art Meld contest; it will not be accepted.
Yes, artwork will be promoted on contest page(s), and with video interviews. Art Meld  -  Art Meld Youtube  -  Art Meld Facebook Group    I may announce the ArtMeld 1st and 2nd place winners on the local radio and newspaper as well.
*A certain monetary percentage of the TOTAL amount of the entry fees in a completed contest is awarded
to the 1st and 2nd place winners per contest, unless a contest rollover occurs.
(There are NO Monetary PAYOUTS for the $1.00 verify email address fees collected for any FREE contests)
NEW ArtMeld members get a one time FREE entry into the contests.
**A contest rollover is simply a contest that will be carried over to the following month(s) due to a lack of entries required for a month's contest to be held, which is a 30.
The People's Choice winner is also only held when the required entrant's number was reached for that month's contest.
Competition Entry Calendar

Placement Monetary Rewards
1st place winner receives 20% of the total monetary amount from all the entry fees per completed contest plus a certificate.
2nd place receives 15% of the total monetary amount from all the entry fees per completed contest plus a certificate.
People's Choice gets ONE FREE entry into the following months contest(Free entry is VOID if not used for the following month contest). (NO CERTIFICATE)
Jurors earn 05% of the total monetary amount from all the entry fees per completed contest.
One chosen artist (People's Choice) is chosen by the most sent in email votes after a month's contest was completed and fulfilled.
Voted emails are only applied to non placement winners.
(One email per vote- no duplicate emails will be counted)
A START and STOP date will be posted on the contest page after a contest has been finalized for a Peoples Choice voting to take place.
1st and 2nd place winners will receive a Art Meld certificate award. EXAMPLE
PLEASE NOTE! Winners in the lower 48 of the United States will be mailed a certificate of award.
Outside of the lower 48 and world will be sent a PDF doucument certificate of award to print off.

PLEASE NOTE! It is up to all Art Meld winners that receive any monetary amounts and paid Art Meld jurors to take full responsibility for themselves to file paid monetary amounts received from Art Meld to the IRS, State, Local or other countries tax systems in which you reside.
On your PayPal account you can download a tax year 1099-K form to file your earnings for the year. PayPal only supplies this if you earned over a certain threshold, which I think is $600. IRS-Understanding Your Form 1099-K In entering your artwork into the Art Meld contest website you are agreeing to abide by all contest rules, terms, conditions and privacy. The owner and operator of, Rick Packer takes no responsibility in doing this for or on behalf of any 1st, 2nd place contest winners
You go to the Competition Entry Calendar page and follow the criteria there for entering your artwork.
Ok, let's walk you through the Art Meld Contest entry process!
  • The First thing to do, of course, is to read all the contest rules, terms, privacy policies. Then get yourself registered then confirm the email that has been sent to you.
  • The next thing to do would be to navigate to the entry page from the menu which would be Competition Entry Calendar.
  • Once you're on the Competition Entry Calendar page, you'll want to read through and understand a few things about uploading a good photo of your artwork, a real good photo can make a big difference, so follow along with the simple guidelines there, and you will be ready for the next step.
  • The next step after your photo is ready. Click the PayPal buy now button to submit your entry fee.
  • After your entry fee was accepted, you will be redirected back to the Art Meld entry form; in the form, you will want to fill in all the areas and then click submit. If all has gone correctly, you will then be routed to the page that acknowledges your entry has been submitted.
  • Please, if you should have any trouble or questions at all, contact me, and I'll be glad to help you out!
    Note: The Art Meld Contest has a limited number of 90 entrants in a month's contest with a minimum number of 30 for a contest to be held without a rollover accruing.
    Please see Competition Entry Calendar page for all the details.
    All contest(s) starting and ending date information will be posted on the Competition Entry Calendar page.
    Note If a minimum amount of entrants(30) is not reached in the month of a contest between its start and stop deadline date the competition will then be rolled over and extended into the following month until the minimum amount of 30 has have been reached. When the minimum entrant amount is reached after a rollover has occurred, the contest will then be closed and scored by the Art Meld juror panel for the criteria of Interest and DESIGN. The winners will be contacted after the contest is finalized and their artwork will be posted on the main Art Meld webpage until a new contest has finished.
    When any changes occur, be it to the any of the policies, terms & conditiions, website cookies or contest rules, a email notification will be sent to all Art Meld members. Changes to contest rules(if any) will be made after a contest is over and finalized.
    The video interviews that are published on the Winners & Peoples Choice page are held only for placement winners and peoples choices.
    Links will also be posted for interviews that are conducted on the contest page(s) for all placement winners and the People's Choice.
    The Artist Talk video interviews that are published on the Artist Talk page are held for artists that I contact or inquire about a interview.
    The criteria for judging artworks are based on two different fields which are, Interest and Design. When the jurors look at an artwork image on the contest page, the artwork will be observed very carefully for up to 30 seconds for the two areas each of the judging criteria of Interest and Design. Points from 1 to 50 will then be scored per each field. 1 will be the lowest possible score, and 50 will be the highest. The 1st and 2nd placement winners are arrived from the highest totaled up scores. In the event that a rollover should occur (less than a certain number of entrants per month, 30), the contest will remain in effect and roll over to the following month until the minimum amount is met,30. When that amount of 30 is met, the contest will close, and artwork will be judged, and winners will be contacted and announced, then highlighted to the main Art Meld page. The jurors that were chosen for that month's contest, if the contest should be rolled over into the following month judges will be asked to remain for the following month. In the event of a rollover, a new juror(s) may be selected if one or more jurors from that rolled-over contest cannot serve for the following month.
    The people's choice FREE ENTRY to the following months contest is voted upon by anyone after a contest is completed, including the winning entrants. Voting is done by email address from the website form on the contest page by sending in your entrant selection of whom you wish to vote for.
    Only ONE selection per email address sent in will be counted! (Duplicates will be disregarded)
    When all email votes are counted, and the Peoples Choice deadline date is reached, I will count all votes and announce the winner on the contest page.
    See the contest page for a start and stop deadline date when it's applicable.
    The Peoples Choice form for voting will appear on the contest page at a selected date and be announced on the contest page.
    Voted upon "People Choice," selections must be made from nonplacement winners for the month of which the contest ran.
    1st, 2nd placement winners may not be voted upon as a people's choice in the same month of which a contest was held.
    Artwork that takes a voted upon FREE ENTRY to the following months contest as a People's choice in a given month can be re-entered back into the contest only after a period of 6 months from that completed contest.
    Do not re-enter any artwork that has ever taken a 1st, 2nd placement win back into the Art Meld contest; it will not be accepted.
    A member of the Juror panel can ONLY enter artwork into a contest when they are not currently scheduled to serve as a judge for a live contest.
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